Sienna Ancona

"As a Christ-centered environment, St. Therese has helped me learn and grow in my spiritual life. St. Therese was the best decision for my education."

Danny Calixto

"The Catholic curriculum and environment have helped me care more about others and to grow in my faith.  St. Therese is such a fun and faith-filled environment!"

Barbie Najera

"St. Therese is a Christ-centered school that helps me not only grow closer to my faith but helps me apply that faith in everyday life. It has influenced me spiritually by understanding what it means to be a follower of Christ."

Sorelle Comer

"St. Therese has helped me by teaching me so much about my Catholic faith and the Bible in just my first semester…I enjoy the wonderful curriculum and always being challenged."

Michael Ancona

“My favorite thing about St. Therese is all the good people and great friendships"

Daniela Van Wyk

"I really love the familial environment in which we learn. I feel cared for not just in academic situations but in personal situations."

Eddie Mora

"Taking classes like Latin has been a great experience and very different from my experience in public schools."

Cordelia Henrie

"The field trips are awesome and so is the family-like experience we share together."

Jake Taylor (Teacher)

"One of the advantages of having such a small student body is the ability for us teachers to work more closely with the students. Not only can we notice if a student is struggling in a particular area but we can more easily take steps to assist them."

Peter Benbow (Teacher)

“One of my students struggled academically in public elementary school. Now as a first year Latin student, he’s made remarkable progress.  He committed himself to mastering every aspect of his studies and it is a pleasure to teach him.”

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